Pharmacy Sector

The visibility, traceability and accountability enabled by GS1 global standards in today’s pharmacy environment are essential to patient safety, especially in preventing medication errors, maintaining product inventory levels and enabling meaningful research on patient outcomes and system performance.

From dispensing a patient’s prescription to quickly and accurately locating a pharmaceutical product in an emergency recall, the interoperability of GS1 global standards allows each point along the supply chain to communicate transparently and efficiently about products, patients and processes.


ECCnet Planogram Content
Get clear and accurate planogram content to optimize your shelf -space management.

ECCnet Marketing Content
Improve your products’ visibility with high quality images and data for flyers and other channels.

ECCnet eCommerce Content
Optimize online sales with certified on-pack images and data.

ECCnet New Item Setup
Accelerate product listings through complete and accurate data.

ECCnet Recall
Maximize the speed, accuracy and traceability of product recall communications.

Image and Data Content Capture Services
Simplify your business by getting your product’s content captured for a wide range of business processes.

Working with GS1 Canada

Whether you just get started or want to play an active role in identifying the sector needs and community solutions, there are many opportunities for you to engage with GS1 Canada and implementation guidelines.

Global Standards

Learn about how GS1 global standards can create a more efficient and transparent supply chain, while helping your business to streamline operations, support core business processes and exchange information with trading partners.