ECCnet Planogram Content

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Great planograms drive sales, increase brand awareness, and optimize every centimetre of retail space, but even the most innovative display is ineffective if it is using inaccurate or incomplete weights, dimensions and images.

GS1 Canada’s ECCnet Planogram Content solution captures standardized, bilingual product images and data that are:

  • 100% accurate and complete
  • Perpetually cleansed and updated
  • Aligned with trading partner requirements
  • Compatible with all major planogramming software
  • Compliant with global standards

Our global standards-based solution ensures that everyone in the sector is using the same standardized planogram content, enabling retailers to determine exactly how much stock they can feature on shelves and displays and manufacturers to share the same planogram content efficiently with all of their trading partners through our one-to-many process, core to on-shelf availability and avoiding over stocks.

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Learn about how GS1 global standards can create a more efficient and transparent supply chain, while helping your business to streamline operations, support core business processes and exchange information with trading partners.

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