Standardized Content for Accurate and Effective Retail Shelf Displays

Robust planograms drive sales, increase brand awareness and optimize every centimetre of retail space. But even the most innovative shelf design is ineffective without accurate and complete product data captured consistently across brands and manufacturers

ECCnet Planogram Content catalogues the standardized bilingual product images and precise packaging weights and dimensions required for successful in-store planograms.

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Data Provider (Manufacturers, Brand Owners)

Data Recipient (Retailers, Distributors)

Benefits to Your Business

  • Standardized Planogram Data Ensure you're providing trading partners with planogram images and data that have been captured using the same consistent methodology as other vendors, brands, and product categories, essential for accurate, reliable shelf management.
    Data for weights and dimensions are captured under shelf-ready conditions, reflecting changes that can happen during shipping and storage, such as product settling or swelling.

  • Optimize Business Opportunities Prevent product out-of-stocks or lost listings that can happen when retailers have product data that's inaccurate, incomplete or captured inconsistently with other vendors. This can occur if:

    Product dimensions haven't accounted for environmental factors such as settling or swelling.

    Product images and data aren't standardized or consistent with content provided by other vendors.

    Trading partners aren't aware of, or are unable to access, updated product packaging data.

    A pre-registration option also enables you to show proof-of-intent to trading partners for inclusion in planograms prior to the physical product being available, reducing the chance of new products not being included in shelf planning.

  • Increase Operational Efficiencies An efficient one-to-many capability enables you to share your planogram content with multiple trading partners from a centralized location, rather than dealing with each individually, to save time and resources and ensure trading partners are using consistent and current data.

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  • Standardized Content from Multiple Vendors GS1 Canada uses a consistent methodology for capturing standardized planogram images and precise packaging weights and dimensions across brands and categories ensuring the planogram content being provided by your vendors is accurate and reliable for optimized shelf space and inventory management. Directed by industry, ECCnet Planogram Content includes mandatory and optional English and French attributes, ensuring that vendors are supplying standardized, bilingual content that meets their trading partner requirements.

  • Access to a Primary Source of Truth A centralized planogram registry ensures you can quickly and conveniently access accurate planogram data from multiple vendors when you need it, from one place, rather than requesting content from your vendors one-by-one, saving time and resources.

  • Faster, Streamlined Access to Planogram Content Access planogram content even faster through an automated API, enabling the data to feed directly into your internal tools and information management systems.
    An automated, customizable data extract also ensures you're aware of product packaging updates or changes to weights and dimensions that could impact space and inventory management.

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