ECCnet Planogram Content

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Our Planogram Content solution helps resolve numerous common business process issues that can negatively impact your business.

Manufacturers and
Other Data Providers

Retailers and
Other Data Recipients

Business Issue Potential Impact to Your Business
Inaccurate, inconsistent or incomplete content
  • Lost or delayed listings because trading partners do not have the content they need to plan shelf space for your products with confidence.
Weights and Measurements that don’t take environmental factors such as swelling or settling
  • Even small differences between products in perfect conditions and in real-world scenarios can quickly add up and may result in there not being enough room for your product on-shelf or being placed in displays that cannot hold their weight.
Inefficient manual processes
  • Lost time repeating the same processes with each different trading partner’s even though the information being shared is essentially the same.
  • Each time information is shared the risk of error increases – particularly if information needs to be re-entered.
Trading partners using out of date data
  • If trading partners don’t have up-to-date information, they may not be able to include any new packaging or products in their shelving designs or may find that your updated range no longer fits the space they had planned for it, delaying your products being on shelf for consumers to buy.

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