Product Certification

All Your Content Certification Needs in One Streamlined Tool

Based on user feedback for a streamlined certification process, Product Certification is a standardized data excellence tool for efficiently certifying:

By uniting these certification capabilities in one simplified tool, Product Certification helps you - saves time, costs and resources.

100% accurate and complete brand-owner certified content provides the reliable product information trading partners require. This information helps confidently inform the decisions of Canadian consumers demanding greater transparency about the products they purchase and consume and help safeguard the well-being of Canadian patients.

Product Certification is delivered through the ECCnet Next Generation Platform

Some of the trading partners currently requiring certified content:

  • Loblaw
  • Longo’s
  • Metro
  • Sobeys
  • Walmart

Certify More Content

Product Certification enables you to certify multiple types of content for one annual certification cost.

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How to Use Product Certification

For a streamlined introduction to Product Certification, review the resources below:

The Value of Product Certification

Data Excellence

  • Enables brand owners to provide certified content that delivers the 100% accurate and complete content that fuels critical business processes.
  • Users certify content for multiple business processes in a single location increasing data quality and enabling quick responses to changing regulatory requirements and consumer demand for product attributes.
  • Product Certification’s workflow enables multiple internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to review and certify product data.


  • Our efficient one-to-many process means data providers can certify content across multiple business processes from within a single tool and easily share it with all of their trading partners.

Operational Efficiency

  • A standardized data excellence tool bringing eCommerce, nutritional and pharmaceutical content into a single tool, saving time and resources.
  • One streamlined tool enables multiple business owners and subject matter experts to participate in an efficient content certification process.
  • Efficient sharing of brand-owner certified content that can be relied upon as 100% accurate and complete to fuel eCommerce, health and wellness and pharmaceutical business processes.

Beyond The Label

  • Product Certification enables users to extend product benefits beyond the label with the inclusion of additional attributes that allow the top-up of nutritional and eCommerce content, including allergens, certification claims (such as organic, kosher and halal), and product claims for nutritional content and additional marketing claims for eCommerce content.


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