Product Certification - eCommerce Content

As Canadian consumers do more of their shopping online, building consumer trust through reliable online data is vital.

Inaccurate data or misleading images can lead to lost sales, costly product returns, liability issues and disappointed customers.

Product Certification helps brand owners to review and certify all eCommerce content to ensure trading partners have access to the 100% accurate and complete eCommerce content used to give consumers the same experience online that they would have in-store.

The rigour of the certification process provides content that is used to enhance a consumer’s online experience, enabling trading partners to build stronger consumer relationships, decrease costly product returns and encourage repeat sales, while protecting brand integrity and safeguarding against reputational harm.

Product Certification delivers:

  • The ability to add supplementary content that goes beyond the label including:
    • Additional marketing claims (including romance copy)
    • Customer-friendly product descriptions
  • Automatic access to the eCommerce Content tool (formerly The Vault – eCommerce), where ecommerce content can be viewed, downloaded and shared between trading partners.
  • Access to nutritional and pharmaceutical content certification processes (if needed) at no extra certification cost. Find out how to register for additional content solutions

How to Get Access to Product Certification

To certify eCommerce content in Product Certification, you will need to register for the ECCnet eCommerce Content solution by registering for the eCommerce Content tool (formerly The Vault – eCommerce).

If you are a manufacturer, brand owner or other data provider, registering for this solution will enable you to:

  • Certify your content through the Product Certification tool.
  • View, download and share your ecommerce content with trading partners through eCommerce Content.
  • Schedule product images and data to be captured through the Content Capture Service Request tool.
  • Register for the SmartLabel™ Extract tool, enabling you to download extracts of your certified content already optimized for conversion into SmartLabel™ pages.

If you are a retailer or other data recipient, registering for this solution will enable you to.

  • View and download ecommerce content from your trading partners through the eCommerce Content tool.

 If you have already registered to Product Certification through either the Nutritional or Pharmaceutical Content solutions, there are no additional costs to certify your ecommerce content. This does not include any associated costs for content capture or image maintenance fees.

How to Register for ECCnet eCommerce Content

Step 1: Log in to myGS1
Step 2: Receive an email one business day later


  1. Go to the online registration form, using your myGS1 credentials to log in as you go
  2. Select eCommerce Content on the form and confirm your company type. If you have not previously done so, you will need to accept the Platform Agreement.

Educational resources are available in the Help Library.