Product Certification - Nutritional Content

As consumers demand more and more information about the products they purchase and consume, trading partners are looking to meet their needs by leveraging rich nutritional data and images to help inform product selection for health and wellness programs and menu planning.

Product Certification helps brand owners ensure that their trading partners have access to certified nutritional content that is 100% accurate and complete.

The rigour of the certification process delivers nutritional content that can be relied on to fuel nutrition-related business processes while protecting brand integrity, safeguarding against reputational harm and protecting the health and wellbeing of Canadian consumers.

Product Certification goes beyond the label, enabling brand owners to highlight nutritional aspects of their products that may not be included in standard Nutrition Facts Tables and enabling trading partners to easily identify products that meet changing consumer needs.

Product Certification delivers:

  • Support for retail food products that have complex nutritional panels captured through the GS1 Canada Content Capture process including:
    • Pre-2017 and Post-2017 Nutrition Fact Tables
    • Additional Nutrition Facts, which are not on the packaging
    • Division 24 and 25 Nutrition Information
    • Nutrition data exempt products
    • Foods used in manufacture of other foods
  • The ability to add supplemental nutritional information with detail that goes far beyond what can typically fit on a label, including:
    • Detailed food ingredients
    • Detailed allergen information, not only for Health Canada’s ten priority allergens but also detailed gluten sources, specific tree nut sources and any other allergen sources recognized by Health Canada
    • Certification content claims (including organic, kosher or halal claims)
    • Advanced nutritional content claims including “non-GMO”, “free from”, “rich in” and “low in”
  • Ability to certify eCommerce and pharmaceutical content at no extra certification cost. Find out how to register for additional content solutions

How to Get Access to Product Certification

To certify nutritional content in Product Certification, you will need to register for the ECCnet Nutritional Content solution.

If you are a manufacturer, brand owner or other data provider, registering for this solution will enable you to:

  • Certify your content through the Product Certification tool
  • View, download and share your nutritional content with trading partners
  • Register for the SmartLabel™ Extract tool, enabling you to download extracts of your certified content already optimized for conversion into SmartLabel™ pages.

If you are a retailer or other data recipient, registering for this solution will enable you to:

  • View and download nutritional content from your trading partners through Product Certification.



If you have already registered to Product Certification through either the eCommerce or Pharmaceutical Content solutions, there are no additional costs to certify your Nutritional content. This does not include any associated costs for content capture or image maintenance fees.

How to Register for ECCnet Nutritional Content

Step 1: Log in to myGS1
Step 2: Set up a Certification Administrator
Step 3: Receive an email one business day later

  1. Have your GS1 Canada Administrator set you up as a Product Certification Administrator in myGS1. They will need to add you to ECCnet ProSYNC, make you a Super-User and then add the Product Certification Administrator – Nutritional role to your ProSYNC profile.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email containing further instructions, including a link to the registration form. If you are not already on myGS1, you will also receive an email with instructions on how to set up your profile.
  3. Complete the online form. You will receive an email notification that Product Certification as been added to the tools available to you in myGS1.

If you did not receive or have lost the link to the registration form, click the applicable link below. Only Product Certification Administrators will be able to complete the process.