Product Certification - Pharmaceutical Content

To support the Healthcare and Pharmacy sector’s zero-tolerance approach to medication error, it is essential that healthcare workers dispensing medication have access to 100% accurate and complete pharmaceutical content.

The product certification process enables brand owners to ensure that images of their products clearly show correct shapes, colours and markings and certify that associated pharmaceutical data is complete and up-to-date.

With this content, healthcare workers can check that the medication being dispensed is the correct product every time, helping reduce risk to patients and consumers.

Providing certified pharmaceutical content at the unit-of-use level and committing to ensuring ongoing content updates builds stronger relationships with clinical and dispensing staff from organizations using ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content, providing peace of mind and a primary source of truth for confirming product accuracy.


Product Certification delivers:

  • Clear professional pharmaceutical images that capture identifying marks and colours, captured through GS1 Canada Content Capture processes, facilitating easy identification of oral solids.
  • Trading partners are notified as soon as updates to content are made, ensuring that they always have access to the most accurate product data available
  • Access to eCommerce and nutritional content certification processes (if needed) at no extra certification cost. Find out how to register for additional content solutions

How to Get Access to Product Certification

To certify pharmaceutical content in Product Certification, you will need to register for the ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content solution.

If you have already registered to Product Certification through either the eCommerce or Nutritional Content solutions, there are no additional costs to certify your Pharmaceutical content. This does not include any associated costs for content capture or image maintenance fees.

How to Register for ECCnet Pharmaceutical Content

Step 1: Log in to myGS1
Step 2: Set up a Certification Administrator
Step 3: Receive an email one business day later

  1. Have your GS1 Canada Administrator set you up as a Product Certification Administrator in myGS1. They will need to add you to ECCnet ProSYNC, make you a Super-User and then add the Product Certification Administrator – Pharmaceutical role to your ProSYNC profile.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email containing further instructions, including a link to the registration form. If you are not already on myGS1, you will also receive an email with instructions on how to set up your profile.
  3. Complete the online form. You will receive an email notification that Product Certification as been added to the tools available to you in myGS1.

If you did not receive or have lost the link to the registration form, click the applicable link below. Only Product Certification Administrators will be able to complete the process.