ECCnet Recall and ECCnet Incident Reporting


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Recall is a standardized, industry-driven communication tool enabling manufacturers to share real-time product withdrawal and product recall notifications with retail partners in a secure and efficient manner. This user-driven online tool, developed using industry best practices and according to the needs of Canadian business, complements and enhances existing recall processes.

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Release Notes

Release Notes Recall

Release Number Release Date
R2 2020
R1 2020
R1 2019
R2 2018
R1 2018
R2 2017
R1 2017
R2 2016
R1.1 2016
R1 2016
R1 2015
B 2013
A 2013
A 2012

Incident Reporting Release Notes

Release Number Release Date
R1 2017
R2 2017

Subscription Administrator for GS1 Canada Services

Release Number Release Date
2.2.1 2017
2.2 2017