ECCnet Recall

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Value to Manufacturers and Other Data Providers

Rapid Recall

A GS1 Canada study of Recall Ready subscribers found that ECCnet Recall reduced the time to deploy a recall notification by 83% when compared to using individual couriers or fax methods. Powered by the one-to-many capability, ECCnet Recall can drastically reduce the time spent on individual notifications, saving time, money and resources.

Immediately alert your trading partners about a product recall via text alerts by adding their details to your ECCnet Recall contact form

With Recall’s cloud software, you never have to worry about accessibility to your important product recall files. With remote access to ECCnet Recall from anywhere, you can ensure that your trading partners aren’t delayed in receiving your recall notification.

Quickly upload critical product information and images directly from GS1 Canada’s ECCnet New Item Setup and ECCnet Marketing Content solutions to enable accurate product identification and removal.

If recalled products re-surface from an unfound lot or batch, you can update the original notification, rather than opening a brand-new case.

Global Standards

GS1 global standards create a common language to identify, capture, share and use data, ensuring critical information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

Ensure brand consistency and data quality by sharing standardized product data with multiple trading partners, ensuring interoperability across systems, as well as visibility and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Increased Accuracy

Standardized fields, system rules and validations, unique GTINs and the ability to include images ensure that your trading partners have the information needed to efficiently remove the correct recalled product from shelves.

Automated Reminders and Updates

ECCnet Recall automatically sends a report listing the email bouncebacks received from your trading partners and deploys reminders to recipients who have not acknowledged the notification after 24 hours, 7 days and 28 days. This removes the need for frequent follow up.

You can also update trading partners when a recall is complete, letting them know it is safe to resume sales or use of the item.

Traceability, Real-time Tracking and Information Exchange

Track responses to your recall notifications online. Automatic, time-stamped reporting of recall receipts and ‘Returned Product’ reports provide visibility around who has seen the recall, who has actioned it, and how many products have been identified and removed.

A GS1 Canada industry pilot showed that ECCnet Recall reduced the time it took to complete effectiveness reporting by 90%, compared to traditional recall notification processes.

You can exchange notes with your trading partners within the Recall tool, and update your notification if multiple trading partners are asking similar questions.

Use ECCnet Recall to provide optional content and instructions such as return and reimbursement instructions.

Standardized Content and Compliance

ECCnet Recall was developed through direction from, and collaboration with, our boards, advisory councils and work groups representing risk management experts from trading partners of all sizes. Their input helped create category-specific forms to ensure you meet all trading partner and regulatory requirements, increasing speed and eliminating unnecessary back and forth.

Our ECCnet Recall solution leverages global standards, including GTIN, GLN, GSRN and GDTI, as well as modern technologies and best practices, resulting in a best-in-class process for receiving product recall notifications and optimizing the recall notification process.

ECCnet Recall complies with the requirements of Health Canada, CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and the HACCP policy (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

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