ECCnet Registry Technical Documents

User/Implementation Guides

ProSYNC User Guide
ProSYNC File Upload Guide for ProSYNC
ProSYNC File Upload Guide for Machine to Machine
EDI Vendor User Guide
Implementation Guidelines for Data Providers Synchronizing with GDSN Data Recipients
FAQ – ProSYNC File Upload
Product Life Cycle Mapping Process Guideline
myGS1 Administrator Guide
Publishing Product Data and Images

Coming Enhancements

Coming Enhancements (2022-04-22)
Attribute Guide (Release 11.9.5)
GPC Delta Document

Release Notes

Release Notes

Attribute Guides

ECCnet Registry Attribute Guide (Revised 2021-11-10)
Extended ASCII Codes Supported by GS1 Canada
ECCnet Global Product Registry 832 Mapping Guide V 3.1 - Volume 2 - Subset 832 Mapping Guide Version 3.1
EDI 832 v6020-2018 r-11.4 Guideline for Pharmacy, Medical Device and Compounding Chemicals & Bases
GS1 CA Pharmacy Implementation Guideline for ECCnet (EN/FR)
ECCnet Registry Target Market Canada Attribute Guide for 1WorldSync (GDSN) (Revised 2022-04-26)
ECCnet Registry Cannabis Attributes Guide (Revised 2021-05-14)
ECCnet Registry Alcohol Attributes Guide (Revised 2021-05-14)

GS1 Canada Validations

GS1 Canada Enhanced Validation Services
FAQ - GS1 Canada enhanced Validation Services


FS3 Documentation

Compounding Chemicals, Bases & Devices

CC&D Short & Product Description Guideline

Standard Product Classifications

ECCnet Classification Codes
Global Product Classification (GPC) Codes
The United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC)
UDEX Category Codes

Hardlines Technical Documentation

832 Price/Sales Catalog - Hardlines Draft
Hardlines XML Schemas

Healthcare Documentation

Medical Device Attribute Navigator Tool
Healthcare Product Description Implementation Guidelines
Healthcare Product Description Short Form Upload Spreadsheet
GDSN Target Market Canada Healthcare Attributes Guide (Revised 2021-05-14)
ECCnet Registry ProSYNC Healthcare Attributes Guide (Revised 2021-05-14)
Pharmacy Description Standardization Guideline

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