Small Business. Big Dreams.

How GS1 Canada can help your business soar!

It's an exciting time.

Your small business dream is becoming a reality and you want to ensure you're doing everything possible to set yourself up for success.

GS1 Canada has helped over 6,300 businesses achieve their dreams by enabling them to share the product information that the Canadian retailers, foodservice distributors and operators and online sellers need to get products on stores shelves or online stores.

Whether you need help getting started or are ready to take your business to the next level, GS1 Canada is here to help ensure your business goes the distance.

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How We Can Help You Get Started

Your business is growing, your products are getting noticed and you want to make sure you're doing everything possible to maximize your product visibility and sales potential.

Sometimes, the process can be confusing and overwhelming – but GS1 Canada is here to help you get started.

Here are some of the ways we can help!


Trusted Guidance and Expertise

Selling Online

Trading Partner Requirements

Flexible Small Business Bundles

Product Images

Single Source of Truth

Data Excellence

Small Business Information Sheet

Small Business Success Stories

See how small businesses have made their dreams a reality with help from GS1 global standards .

Mammy Jamia's

Brooklyn Granola

Redemption Brewing Company

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Why Subscribe to GS1 Canada?

GS1 Canada Subscription

A subscription to GS1 Canada is the first step on your product journey and secures the GTINs and barcodes you’ll need to sell your products across Canada, on and around the world!

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ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions

As a GS1 Canada subscriber, you will have access to tools and services that ensure you’re providing national and local retailers, distributors, online marketplaces and other sellers with the data and image content they require to list, sell and promote your products.

ECCnet New Item Setup
Load, manage and share your product data with retailers and sellers from one central location. To start loading your product data now you will need to register for ProSYNC.

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ECCnet eCommerce Content

Get the eCommerce image and data content required for online platforms.

ECCnet Marketing Content
Get the marketing images required for flyers and other advertising needs.

ECCnet Planogram Content
Get the images and precise product weights and dimensions required for accurate retail planograms.

ECCnet Foodservice Content
Get foodservice images for digital ordering applications and product catalogues.

ECCnet Nutritional Content
Supporting increased consumer demand for more detailed product information based on health concerns (i.e. allergens), lifestyle choices (i.e. organic), or dietary needs (i.e. halal, kosher, vegan).

To start capturing your image and data content you will first need to register for The Vault.

If you're not sure which solutions are right for your current business needs, please contact us at 1.800.567.7084 or We're here to help!

Additional Resources to Help Get You Started

GS1 Canada has a number of resources to help you on your journey to growing your small business.

We can help you get started with barcoding your product, submitting your product for high-quality imaging, listing your product on Amazon - and so much more!

Calculate How Many GTINS you’ll Need for Your Products

Find out How to Create a Barcode

Get Product Images

Got Questions?

How to List on Amazon

Personalized Consulting Services

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