As an organization that supports Canadian businesses of all sizes, we're taking a deep dive to explore what matters to small businesses.

Go beyond the barcode and listen in as small business owners and other industry leaders share stories, insights and expertise on a broad spectrum of topics. Discussions on getting the basics right, growing your small business across various channels and working with multiple trading partners are just the beginning!

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Teddy Wilson English Episodes
Teddy Wilson

Teddy Wilson is a documentary, factual, and entertainment television host, producer and writer. He is a three-time Canadian Screen Award nominee and a Gemini Award winner. As host of Discovery Canada's hit series Mighty Trains, he has travelled the world to highlight the people, engineering and technology behind the most incredible rail journeys on earth. For 10 seasons, Teddy also hosted Canada's national daily genre entertainment talk-show, InnerSpace.


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April 03, 2023 25:10

Getting the Basics Right

In this inaugural episode, we talk about the basics of being a GS1 Canada small business subscriber. Learn how global standards relate to barcodes and supply chains and why it's important to work with a Trusted Strategic Partner. The discussion covers how a small business can plan for future success with a strong starting position. Gain insights and information from people with lived experience from industry knowledge to post-pandemic growth and resilience.

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Meet the Guests

Christian Horner Owner
Fire in the Kitchen Spice Co

Miki Velemirovich Entrepreneurial Leader

April 18, 2023 36:32

Bringing Your Products to Market

In this episode, we dive into the product listing process and the importance of knowing and meeting trading partner requirements. A discussion on how to grow small business leads to understanding possible sales channels. Learn about getting ready to trade, funding opportunities and the potential challenges faced by small business owners. The common theme is understanding why GS1 Global Standards are supported by industry.

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Meet the Guests

Noora Sharrab Co-Founder & CEO
Sitti Social Enterprise

Gary Macdonald Executive Leader, Ontario
Whole Foods

May 02, 2023 36:32

Growing Your Business

In this episode, we talk about next steps for a small business with a focus on ecommerce for increased sales exposure. Topics covered include digital commerce, online sales and the importance of online brand representation. Explore these important aspects of doing business today through insights and real-world examples provided by the featured guests.

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Meet the Guests

Matt Dean Pettit Co-Founder
PowerPlant Superfoods

Sierra Johnston Director of Merchandising
Health & Beauty

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