SmartLabel™ Support

Today’s consumer is a savvier, more informed consumer, looking for products that align with their values or dietary requirements and contribute to their health and wellbeing.

Food Health and Consumer Products of Canada's (FHCP) SmartLabel™ initiative leverages smart devices and other means, to help brand owners offer consumers information about hundreds of product attributes such as nutrition and ingredients as well as facts that go beyond the label like environmental, lifestyle and sustainability factors.

GS1 Canada can help brand owners participate in the SmartLabel™ initiative through our value-added Nutritional Extract - giving you access to the nutritional data you will need to complete your SmartLabel webpages.

Leverage your content to create SmartLabel™ pages

GS1 Canada’s SmartLabel™ Support is available to subscribers with certified Nutritional Content at no additional cost.

By leveraging the investment already made in certifying bilingual content, which is stored in the ECCnet Registry, brand owners can quickly realize the benefits of SmartLabel™ today.

Data Excellence

  • GS1 Canada’s commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product data is perpetually cleansed and updated and accurate and complete, helping to build trust between trading partners.
  • The extract from our registry contains only your bilingual, certified data, meaning that only the data you have certified will appear in your extracts.


Operational Efficiency

  • Using your certified product content helps you save time and simplify the SmartLabel™ process by leveraging the data you have already certified


Trusted Canadian Industry Expertise

  • Have confidence in GS1 Canada’s industry knowledge and expertise gained over 40 years of delivering global standards-based solutions.
  • Our SmartLabel™ Implementation Support has been developed to meet the requirements of Food Health and Consumer Products of Canada's SmartLabel™ initiative.
  • The ECCnet Registry is a trusted source of accurate and complete, reliable data, having been built over the last 25 years.


Global Standards

  • GS1 global standards create a common language to identify, capture, share and use data, ensuring critical information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.
  • Ensure brand consistency and data quality by sharing standardized product data with multiple trading partners, ensuring interoperability across systems, as well as visibility and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Getting Started with SmartLabel™ Support

Ensure you have already certified your content through the ECCnet Nutritional Content solution.

SmartLabel™ Support


Download Certified Product Data
Download your product information from Product Certification - Nutritional. Learn more.


Download Product Images
Download the required product images from The Vault . Learn how.


Request the Mapping Guide
SmartLabel™ v2.0 mapping guide provides information on how GS1 Canada attributes map to FHCP's SmartLabel™ requirements.*

*currently supports Food category only


Generate SmartLabel™ Extracts and webpages
Leverage internal technical resources or partner with a Solution Provider to generate SmartLabel™ webpages.

If you need help obtaining your data extracts, or need a copy of the mapping guide, contact us at

Need Help Creating Your SmartLabel™ Pages?

Subscribers may create their own proprietary process for converting their data, or may choose to work with a Qualified Solution Partner to convert the extracts into SmartLabel™ pages.

The SmartLabel™ Qualified Solution Partner program can help you connect with qualified solution partners who receive SmartLabel™ extracts on your behalf and turn them into consumer-facing webpages that are compliant with SmartLabel™ requirements.

To learn more about how the Qualified Solution Partner program works, contact FHCP at