A GS1 Company Prefix Licence is a globally unique string assigned to your company.

With a valid annual GS1 Company Prefix Licence, Canadian businesses of all sizes can create industry-compliant symbols and barcodes, enabling their products to be traded in Canada and around the world. Licensed GS1 Company Prefixes are used in the identification of products at all levels of packaging.

GS1 Canada is the only authorized source of GS1 Company Prefix licenses in Canada. When you acquire a GS1 Company Prefix, your company has access to various subscription option levels with associated benefits.

9-Digit GS1 Company Prefix 9-Digit GS1 Company Prefix

Access the GS1 System of Standards today. Take the first step towards getting your products onto store shelves, growing your business, and improving your productivity!

  • Subscription options: Individual, Basic, Limited, Advanced, Corporate and Small Business Bundles. See what "All Subscription Levels Include" and more.
  • Subscription benefits: GS1 Canada subscription includes a comprehensive suite of resources and tools to help remove guesswork and support you as you grow, including:
    • myGS1, your personalized online hub to conveniently manage your account and access to GS1 Canada tools and services in one secure location
    • Visibility to the latest Canadian retailer and industry requirements to list and sell your products
    • Online tools to create quickly, easily, and manage your barcodes in one place
    • Online training and educational modules
    • Complimentary, multilingual support services
    • Access to a variety of industry solutions
    • And more …


Frequently asked questions (FAQs), provides answers to questions regarding your GS1 Canada account, barcodes, GTINs, GLNS, EDI, product images, along with "how to" information.

If you have 40 products or fewer, GS1 Canada will issue you a licence for each individual Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

If more GTINs are needed, you will be issued a licence for a GS1 Company Prefix, which can be used to generate more GTINs. Whichever is needed, the GTINs for your products are guaranteed to be unique worldwide.

Determine How Many Barcodes You'll Need

Each variation of each product you sell requires a unique GTIN. If you need help determining the number of GTINs needed, use the GS1 Canada tool to help, “GTIN Estimator

To start:

  • determined the number of GTINs needed
  • determined the subscription level required
  • then subscribe which includes:
    • contact information
    • licence capacity
    • pay online
    • set up your account
    • receive communication confirming your subscription
    • receive your welcome package detailing:
      • how to access your “Licence Certificate”
      • your GTINs
      • how access your account through “myGS1” (your personalized online hub)

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