Product Image Specification Standard

Establishes rules for the storage of digital images associated to products and provides details on all aspects of digital imaging storage. These standards focus on the highest quality and size of image which should be stored to enable any output format that may be requested internally or externally for various applications. There is no 'one size fits all' for images, but by having access to a larger more content rich base file, other formats may be derived.

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GS1 Mobile Ready Hero Images

A product hero image is an oversized image of a product highlighting important product attributes such as brand, size, quantity and differentiation points. Its purpose is to facilitate the purchase journey in ecommerce and particularly with mobile devices, where conventional images do not work well.

To address issues concerning the presentation of products in an online retail environment, on a small screen, typically alongside 'add to basket' functions, this guideline was driven by the shift in online retail from "desktop to mobile" as consumers increasingly shop from their smartphones. This shift presented specific problems for the Brand Owner and Retailer.

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GS1 Package and Product Measurement Standard

The global Package Measurement Rules Standard makes it easier for trading partners to identify a consistent and repeatable process for determining the dimensions of any given product packaging. The accurate and consistent dimensional measurement of a trade item is key to the successful implementation between trading partners. This standard is provided for use for all trading partners wishing to exchange data about product package measurements. This common methodology for determining product and package measurements is intended to ensure global compatibility.

Although the global standard allows any unit-of-measure to be applied, data providers should always provide the measurement system that is required in their specific target market.

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