Supporting Industry’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Requirements

In response to industry asks, GS1 Canada is working to enhance Canada’s largest bilingual product registry, ECCnet Registry, with new attribution and functionality to support industry’s ESG reporting requirements.

Increased ESG reporting regulations and consumer demand for more sustainable products have led to a significant amount of complex and non-standardized data requirements across multiple systems and stakeholders.

In response, Canadian industry came forward seeking GS1 Canada’s support in enabling compliance with new ESG regulations by enhancing ECCnet Registry. GS1 Canada is now collaborating with industry on the data requirements and functionality needed to support these increasing ESG needs, leveraging GS1 standards, ECCnet Registry and our existing data infrastructure, built across 25 years of trusted, strategic partnership.

GS1 Canada’s selection as a trusted strategic partner to lead this work is based on our proven record, demonstrated through milestones such as uniting industry leaders 50 years ago to create the barcode and establishing ECCnet Registry 25 years ago. Our reputation for delivering to industry needs, fostering neutral collaboration on non-competitive, industry-wide challenges with boards and association partners, as well as our global reach, have earned the trust of Canadian businesses.

Eileen Mac Donald, CEO and President, GS1 Canada

Join Us on Our Journey

As a Trusted Strategic Partner to industry, we support businesses of all sizes on their environmental, social and governance journey through our four roles: standards developer, community manager, educator and implementation partner. For over 25 years, GS1 Canada has worked alongside businesses of all types and sizes to develop GS1 Standards, ECCnet Industry Managed Solutions and ECCnet Registry, Canada's largest national bilingual product registry. Working with GS1 Canada builds on industry's existing investments and maximizes our proven, collaborative approach to solving industry-wide challenges.

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GS1 Canada’s Own Commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

At GS1 Canada, we believe in the transformative power of standards to enable a more sustainable future. And we don’t stop there. As an organization, we integrate ESG considerations into our own business practices to contribute more positively to the health, safety and wellbeing of our team, our local and global communities, as well as our planet.

For more than 50 years, GS1 has partnered with industry and businesses of all types and sizes to develop and maintain global standards for efficient business communications.

A neutral, not-for-profit association, GS1 Canada is one of 116 GS1 member organizations around the world and proudly represents Canadian business needs at the global table.

GS1 Canada's vision is to be a Trusted Strategic Partner that inspires, leads and enables best-in-class supply chain. We believe in the power of global standards to transform the way we live and work.