The Vault

The Vault, GS1 Canada’s secure, online storage and distribution tool is a central hub for organizing, managing and sharing your:

Through The Vault’s one-to-many sharing process, brand owners can distribute content to multiple trading partners from the same place, at the same time at the push of a button.

With comprehensive search options and content extracts available in a variety of formats, your entire organization can quickly and easily access the content it needs, when it needs it – saving time, reducing the cost of doing business and providing a single reliable source of product content.


Our one-to-many process ensures content is loaded once, then efficiently shared with many trading partners from a central hub.

This removes the need to re-send content for each new trading partner or every time your content needs updating, saving significant time and resources.

Data Excellence

GS1 Canada’s commitment to data excellence ensures bilingual product content is perpetually cleansed and updated, increasing accuracy and building trust between trading partners.

Content is audited and verified as third-party verified data by GS1 Canada before entering the The Vault.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Improve speed-to-market, save resources and increase consistency by replacing manual, repetitive processes with one centralized, non-proprietary industry solution.

The Vault Process

The Vault Process for Foodservice, Marketing and Planogram Content. Beginning with the data provider, product content is captured and uploaded into The Vault and made available to data recipients as an extract or a download.

How to Register for The Vault

To register for The Vault, your System Administrator must click the div below. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to access The Vault from the My Tools section of your myGS1 landing page.

By registering to The Vault, you will also get access to the Content Capture Service Request tool, enabling you to submit requests for GS1 Canada to capture your content or evaluate an eSubmission.

Visit the Content Capture and Loading Options page for more information.