eCommerce Content

All your certification needs in one streamlined tool. Get Ready.

eCommerce Content (formerly the Vault – eCommerce) is a secure storage tool for all of your ecommerce image and data content in one central location.

Whether you are a data provider or data recipient, team members from different departments across your organization can use the eCommerce Content tool to quickly and easily access the ecommerce data and images they need, when they need it – saving time, reducing the cost of doing business and providing a single reliable source of ecommerce content.

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  • Our one-to-many approach means data providers can share content stored in eCommerce Content with all of their trading partners from one place, at the same time.

Security and Protection

  • Securely store your content, providing the ultimate brand protection while maintaining complete control of your content in the eCommerce Content tool, including rules, permissions and embargo restrictions for users, content and distribution.

eCommerce Content

The Vault Process for eCommerce Content. Beginning with the data providers, product content flows through GS1 Canada registries after it's validated, and then into exchange tools to make the data available to data recipients.

How to Subscribe to eCommerce Content

To certify eCommerce content in Product Certification, you will need to register for the ECCnet eCommerce Content solution by registering for the eCommerce Content tool.

If you are a manufacturer, brand owner or other data provider, registering for this solution will enable you to:

  • Certify your content through the Product Certification tool.
  • View, download and share your ecommerce content with trading partners through the eCommerce Content tool.
  • Schedule product images and data to be captured through the Content Capture Service Request tool.

If you are a retailer or other data recipient, registering for this solution, you will be able to:

  • View and download eCommerce content from your trading partners through the eCommerce Content tool.